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Boat Repair

Winterizing Your Boat

Preparing your boat for winter requires a number of steps if it is to get through freezing temperatures, winter storms, and generally challenging conditions often experienced in many areas of the country. At JDOC Marine, we’re here to help. We can winterize your boat for you, or you can do it yourself, then let us…
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Preparing Your Boat for Spring

Boat maintenance schedules and checklists are important when it comes to timely, proper care of one’s boat. At JDOC Marine, we encourage our clients to maintain up to date schedules and checklists so that treatment and tasks are done according to a schedule that ensures that nothing is left undone.   Properly used, checklists and…
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Your Guide to Making Boat Repairs Easy

Your Guide to Making Boat Repairs Easy If you’ve had an accident in your boat and need any type of maintenance, it’s always best to head to a boat repair shop that you can trust. Considering you may have paid upwards of one hundred thousand dollars or more for your boat, you don’t want an…
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