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Expert Boat and Yacht Carpentry Services

When it comes to boat repairs, no one knows the business like Jeremiah Massey and the team of craftsmen at JDOC Marine. For boat owners with damaged watercraft or general woodworking problems there’s only one solution, JDOC Marine.

Our extensive cabinetry and woodworking services are perfect if you're in need of a few extra custom-designed cabinets or simple watercraft repairs. Our boat craftsmen complete marine carpentry for customers who need new interiors for boats, and yachts, as well as repair and replacement of water and sun damaged boat cabinetry and wood seating.

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>(This was a plain white GELCOAT cockpit, after some time and PlasDeck it now has a new look.)

If you're a re-seller or looking to have some refurbishment work done on your yacht before it goes on sale, we're able to incorporate new yacht cabinetry and other wood additions that match seamlessly with the existing vessel, including our teak refinishing services to make sure you get top dollar for your craft. This ensures there isn't a 'patchwork' look to your new additions and provides a look of originality to your changes and additions.

More than two decades of experience in boat repairs and boat carpentry work on marine vessels means we have experience using a suite of tools to get any job done. No matter what your yacht or watercraft project entails, we're more than qualified and prepared to get it done.

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If you're unsure of what needs to change or what's needed to make your boat more practical, our boat craftsman will work with you to come up with creative solutions. Whether you have issues with storage, seating or anything else, we'll be more than happy to solve the problem.

JDOC Marine, LLC’s carpentry services extend from custom woodwork, counter tops, veneering, furniture, and decking repairs through to installation and repair of existing cabinets, decking, and nautical tables for your boat or yacht. That means that just about any issue on your vessel can be dealt with by our experienced boat craftsman.

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