Boat Electrical Work

Don't Wait For Old Electrical Systems To Give Out!

Boat electrical systems can be the bane of any boat owner’s existence. From trailer hook-ups to navigation lights, every boat function is linked to an electrical system, except it’s ability to float. Customers concerned about their boat's electronics shouldn’t wait for the electrical system to give out before having it repaired or replaced.

Make sure you’re paying attention to signs that the electrical system is experiencing malfunctions. It’s important to recognize these things:

  • Sensor flickering
  • Faulty light connections
  • Bilge pump delays
  • Radio malfunctions
  • Fuel gauge reading inconsistencies
  • Starter delays
  • Battery failure
  • Shifter/Throttle failure
  • Connector corrosion

At JDOC Marine, LLC  our capable boat electricians check your existing systems to determine if repairs, or an entirely new systems is needed for your vessel. Whether it is a single electrical system or a full replacement, we can design or repair it and have you back on the water in no time.

Boasting years of experience working on boat electrical systems, our team is your trusted partner for electrical work on boats in Riverside NJ, and we plan on keeping it that way. Using only the best replacement parts, and following all regulatory guidelines means we stand by all the electrical repairs and installations we complete on your boat.

For the Best Boat Electrical Repair Services in Riverside NJ, Trust JDOC Marine, LLC - Call (856) 393-7720

>(There are a lot of wire connections in boats, some that are hard to get to but there should not be over looked. These two pictures are perfect examples of that.)

New Boat Electrical Component Installation in New Jersey

For the Best Boat Repair Services in Riverside NJ, Trust JDOC Marine, LLC - Call (856) 393-7720

(Boats in salt water are the most at risk, corrosion builds up and leads to bad connections.)

If you’re in New Jersey and looking for repairs or an installation of new electronics like winches, fish finders, GPS navigation, or gauges, JDOC Marine, LLC is able to help spec out your craft.

If it’s a new GPS, repaired or replaced wiring or just a service of the essentials, our boat craftsman are more than ready to get the job done. Our integral focus on customer satisfaction, quality repairs and impeccable track record extending over 20 years mean we are your number one choice for electrical work on boats in New Jersey.

For the Best Boat Electrical Work, Trust JDoc Marine, LLC in Riverside NJ

The comprehensive range of boat electronics and electrical services at JDOC Marine, LLC means we’re your first and only stop for quality electrical work on boats in Riverside NJ. We’re even able to install new electronics including audio systems, GPS’s, winches and more.

Customers looking for a general service, a second opinion or minor work on electronics will be glad to know we can indeed help out with this too. We'll look over your alternators and other electrics before you head back out on the water.

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