Winterizing Your Boat

Preparing your boat for winter requires a number of steps if it is to get through freezing temperatures, winter storms, and generally challenging conditions often experienced in many areas of the country. At JDOC Marine, we’re here to help. We can winterize your boat for you, or you can do it yourself, then let us detail and shrink wrap the boat for more effective storage.


Winterizing and Boat Repair


Any boat repairs should be completed prior to winterizing it for storage. Once the boat repairs are complete, check your owner’s manual for winterizing instructions because boats and engines differ.


JDOC Marine, LLC’s general checklist for winterizing your boat is below.


  1. Check boat for any damage needing repair. Repair prior to storing.
  2. Fill fuel tank, leaving room for expansion. Treat full with a stabilizer, then run engine for approximately 10 minutes to ensure that it circulates the entire engine.
  3. Seal fuel valves.
  4. Change oil and filter(s).
  5. Flush engine with fresh water, drain it, then wash it with soap and water, and rinse completely.
  6. Use a fogging solution to fog the engine cylinders.
  7. Lubricate engine grease fittings.
  8. Drain coolant.
  9. Run non-toxic antifreeze through cooling system.
  10. Clear boat of valuables, food, and drink.
  11. Store cushions, bedding, and other items in a climate-controlled space at home or in a storage unit.
  12. Fully charge any batteries, then remove them to storage.
  13. Thoroughly clean the boat inside and out, then cover or shrink wrap the boat. We recommend shrink wrapping as the best way to keep your boat safe from many weather conditions.


Insurance Requirements


When storing your boat in the off-season, make sure that you follow everything that your insurance policy states is necessary so that your boat remains properly insured while in winter storage. If what is required is unclear, check with your insurance agent and have them spell it out.


Shrink Wrapping Your Boat for Winter Storage


At JDOC Marine, LLC, we’ll shrink wrap boats up to 40 feet for winter storage, ensuring that you’ll find your boat just as you left it when boating season rolls around the following year.


If desired, our team will also detail your boat prior to shrink wrapping it to ensure that everything is clean and no debris is stuck under the wrap.


Call us today at (858) 339-7720 for more information on boat repairs, winterizing, and boat storage.

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