Preparing Your Boat for Spring

Boat maintenance schedules and checklists are important when it comes to timely, proper care of one’s boat. At JDOC Marine, we encourage our clients to maintain up to date schedules and checklists so that treatment and tasks are done according to a schedule that ensures that nothing is left undone.


Properly used, checklists and schedules help our clients keep their boats in good working order. They do what they can, we do the rest, and we all know what’s needed when. Schedules help to ensure that boat maintenance is done according to semi-monthly, monthly, annual and seasonal needs.



Mechanical Matters


Let us make sure that everything is working properly so that getting your boat out of storage and ready for another boating season is straightforward. We’ll do the hard work and help you to follow a simple plan for the rest.



Following Simple Steps


Our boat maintenance team is happy to do all this for you. Or, if you like, you can do part or all of it yourself. Whatever you decide, be sure to have us check your engine and mechanical operations.


The following items also need to be addressed.


  1. Reinstall batteries, top up lead acid batteries with distilled water then fully charge them. Clean and tighten all electrical connections. Use insulating film or grease to coat the battery terminals or spray them with battery terminal spray.
  2. Ensure that handles move freely, hoses are double-clamped with stainless steel clamps, and that the seacocks open and close. Replace any hose clamps that look rusted.
  3. Inspect the intake strainer to ensure that it has not cracked, that it is clean, that it is free from corrosion, and the top fits snugly.
  4. Check running lights and replace any that are not working. Clean and tighten connections.
  5. Check VHF and GPS antenna connections. Disconnect, spray with lubricant, reconnect, and test.
  6. Check for leaks around trim cylinders and hoses, hydraulic steering pumps and rams, then replace any leaking O-rings or gaskets.
  7. Check stuffing box or shaft seal to ensure that it is completely dry when the boat is docked.
  8. Check portlights, hatches, and deck fittings to ensure that all the caulking is okay without water trails, dirt or green corrosion which are all signals of leaks and the need to recaulk.
  9. Test bilge pump, high water switches and alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and LPG and gasoline fume detectors.
  10. Check expiration dates on flares, charge fire extinguishers, check service and safety gear, including life jackets.



Remember that the key to having a good boating season is to ensure that all the proper boat maintenance is performed and that you have the right safety gear, and essential items on board.


JDOC Marine, LLC provides expert services in Riverside NJ. Call us today at (858) 339-7720 for more information on getting your boat ready for the season. Our service is second to none so you can rest assured that your boat is in good hands.

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