Boat Teak Refinishing

Making Your Boat Beautiful Again is What We Are About!

At JDOC Marine, LLC, we understand that boat teak hardwood additions are an elegant, sophisticated and high-end addition to your craft that you want to keep flawless.

Our boat craftsman are experienced in teak refinishing, and are well-equipped to restore and refinish teak wood on boats in Riverside, NJ, so you can rest assured you’ll be left with a great result.

We know that different boats and yachts have different visual and style requirements, so at JDOC Marine, LLC we offer a range of different teak refinishing protectants. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional pre-weathered look or something more glossy, contact us, we have the finishes to help you out.

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If you have any questions about the result or the boat teak refinishing project ahead, we’ll be more than happy to answer those. Working with boat teak wood for decades means our boat craftsman are able to discuss realistic expectations with you and ensure you understand what the result will be.

To ensure all of our teak finishing last as long as possible, we’ll make sure to discuss the use, storage location, and style of the finishing. This way you’ll know how to look after your boat teak wood and be able to count on our boat finishes lasting as long as possible, regardless of your boat’s use.

For the Best Boat Teak Refinishing, Trust JDOC Marine, LLC in Riverside NJ

A few of our teak refinishing services include the restoration of severely weathered teak with one of our quality finishes, the sealing of newly installed teak to cut back on mold and mildew growth and professional teak cleaning - which does not involve harmful power washing.

If your boat requires more extensive wood working, our boat craftsmen can help you with custom carpentry projects too.

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