PropSpeed Applicator Services

Improve Your Boat's Efficiency and Speed in the Water!

Anyone looking for an improvement to their boat's efficiency and speed in the water should certainly consider a PropSpeed foul-release coating. These coatings create an extremely slick surface over your boat's underwater metals which cuts back on drag and prohibits marine life growth.

At JDOC Marine, LLC we're professional PropSpeed applicators and that means we know how to effectively apply your PropSpeed in a way that prolongs its lifespan and provides you with the best results.

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(PropSpeed is a great product, it really keeps growth off of underwater metals the boats that come back in the fall look like they just left. It also works great on transducers and underwater lights.)

If you've noticed that over time your boat has become a little slower in the water and fuel efficiency has worsened dramatically without any real issues being present with your outboard or inboard engine, then you're likely dealing with marine growth bonding with your propeller.

This is exactly what PropSpeed is designed to prevent. To cut back on all propeller growth and produce a near-flawlessly smooth propeller surface. This boosts speed and reduces drag and in doing so, greatly improves fuel efficiency.

Although you're able to apply your PropSpeed on your own, it's always best to leave the application to professionals. This way you can ensure you're getting the most out of your PropSpeed and can rest assured that the application will be correct and won't wear away over a short period of time.

For the Best PropSpeed Application Services, Trust JDOC Marine, LLC in Riverside NJ

At JDOC Marine, LLC, we're your expert PropSpeed applicators for boats in Riverside NJ and that means a more efficient and faster boat is closer than ever. We can quickly add a PropSpeed coating to your boat's propeller and this will cut back virtually all marine organisms from residing there.

If you're ready for a better experience on the water and improved fuel efficiency, simply get in touch with us today and bring your boat into our shop. We'll apply your PropSpeed in just a few hours and have your boat back on the water in no time.

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