Marine Lighting and Your Boat

Marine lighting is an art and a science we often overlook. Good lighting can involve a lot of different things, and it can be a headache to get right. First, there are the light requirements. Second, the individual needs of a boat based on its configuration and purpose. Lastly, any given need may have a variety of available lighting options.

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Boat Lighting Requirements

To increase visibility and reduce accidents, there are laws for marine lighting. Visibility, especially at night, is important for safety. The minimum U.S. Coast Guard requirements for navigation lighting on marine vessels under 39 feet are strict but sensible. From sunset to sunrise, each boat needs:

  • A Masthead Light: A white light placed over the fore and aft centreline of the vessel.
  • Green and Red Sidelights: A green light on the starboard side, and a red light on the port side.
  • Stern Lighting: A white light places as close as is practical to the stern.

There may be variations by boat and region, but these are the basics. Make sure your navigation lights are functional before leaving the dock. Also, be sure to check any dock lighting to avoid accidents. Additionally, some places allow a single all-around white light that can be seen from all directions. For some vessels under 39 feet, it can replace the masthead and stern light.

Marine lighting by function

The type and use of your boat can affect your lighting needs. For example, navigation lights are unlikely to be the only lights you'll need. Boat cabin lights, docking lights, courtesy lights, spotlights, fishing lights, and marine spreader lights all make sense on the vessels that need them.

Advances in lighting technology have given us better lighting solutions. Marine LEDs and new marine fixtures are designed to work better under the lower power output of marine generators. Stainless steel and aluminum composites are more resistant to corrosion than older metals.

Make sure you never operate marine lighting outside of it's intended environment to avoid damage or ruining your warranty.

Remember to consider how you use your boat when choosing lights. Fishing boats should get the right lights and install them in an appropriate way. Of course, many people forget to look into marine flashlights and other auxiliary lighting options when planning. The best plans include the possibility of something going wrong.

Marine Lighting types

When planning how to light your boat, remember how many options there really are. Custom recessed fixtures, flexible LED strips, and mounted lights all work best in the right environment.

If you can, take it one step further and consider how your boat is constructed or could be remodeled for better lighting potential. The market is full of solutions for your every lighting need, you just need to know where to look.

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