Boat Painting

Protect Your Boat on the Water!

If your boat needs a new barrier coat, hull color or even a new non-skid deck coating, then JDOC Marine, LLC can help. Our boat craftsmen are able to prepare your boat to be painted as well as combine multiple painting techniques to ensure the coating is slick and that algae and barnacle growth are reduced to a minimum. Additionally, we’re able to ensure non-slip paintwork on your boat’s deck to reduce the risk of injury.

Customers looking for a fresh coat of bottom paint should know that the in-water lifespan of this paint is roughly two to three years at most. That means if your boat is stored in water, you’ll need to repaint your hull more frequently. If you’re unsure of what paint to use for your hull paint, then our team will be able to help you out.

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(The hull of a 50 foot sailboat is be prepped for paint. It is all masked off and is being wiped down. All of the body work is done and the grey is primer.)

Something else to remember is that depending on where, how often you use your boat, and what the water conditions are, your paint requirements will be different. It's best to leave it to our team to determine the best paint for your vessel and that way you can be certain you’ll have the best result.

If you’re also in the market for anti-foul, to reduce drag from marine organisms growing on your boat’s hull, then we’ll make sure to add this to your boat’s paint service. Depending on the anti-foul, you can cut back on all types of marine organism growth which includes algae and slime.

For the Best Boat Painting, Trust JDOC Marine, LLC in Riverside NJ

Regardless of your boat's paint needs, or color requirements, at JDOC Marine, LLC we're more than prepared to help out. Our years of experience in the marine industry means we’re your local experts for paintwork on boats in Riverside NJ.

If you need old paint stripped away to make way for a new coat, an entirely new coat, an epoxy or vinyl paint or just an anti-foul touch-up on a worn hull coat, then we’re the boat craftsman for you.

Get in touch with us today to receive a free assessment of your boat’s existing paintwork.

For The Best Boat Painting in Riverside NJ - Trust JDOC Marine, LLC - Call (856) 393-7720

(After the paint has been applied the plastic and tape come off to reveal the brilliant rich color that Awlgrip is known for.)

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