Get Your Boat Ready to Move

Taking the time to prepare your boat for a move is critical if you want it to arrive at its new home in the same condition as it left. At JDOC Marine, LLC in Riverside, New Jersey, we know how to make sure your boat remains spotless during a move.


Step by Step Preparations


It is critical to properly prepare your boat for shipment. Boats are typically transported “as is” with carriers accepting no responsibility for damage caused by poor preparation that results in damage on route. We can help you find a good transport company familiar with working with the Department of Transportation (DOT), permit agencies, marinas, boatyards, and ports. Experienced transporters save their clients money by knowing how to avoid costly delays.


Items to Remove Before Transport


Remove all loose items from the boat, including all personal items. Some people secure all loose items, but it’s best to remove them and ship them separately if you are transporting the boat.


Secure anything left on board, like seat cushions, curtains, and ladders. Also remove anything sticking out, like antennas and depth sounders.



Disconnect and Drain / Winterize Your Boat


Disconnect battery cables and drain all water and holding tanks before a move or before putting the boat into storage. Use remaining fuel if possible as it’s best to move with little or no fuel in your tank.


If the boat is being moved when it’s cold, winterize any items sensitive to the cold like water pipes and the engine. Remove the plug. Do the same if you are storing the boat for winter.



Shrink Wrap Your Boat Before Shipment


Boats are an investment. This investment can be significant. We can keep your boat looking new. If you are storing your boat for winter and want it protected, or if you are shipping a boat from JDOC Marine and want to ensure that it is protected from vehicle fumes, dust and debris, let us perform custom boat shrink wrapping to ensure that your boat is entirely protected.


At JDOC Marine, LLC we take care of boat shrink wrapping for vehicles up to 40 feet and with strong, durable material that will not rip or tear. The wrapping protects the hull and the deck so that no part of the boat is exposed to the elements. When we shrink wrap your boat for winter storage, the wrap is easily removed for the spring and summer season. The boat shrink wrapping provides a plastic surface that protects the boat from rain, sleet, hail and ice when sitting in storage or moving down a highway.



For Expert Boat Shrink Wrapping Services in Riverside NJ, Trust JDOC Marine, LLC


Call us today at (858) 339-7720 for more information on boat shrink wrapping, then winterizing your boat and storing it for winter, or shipping it. Whether you treasure your boat or you are looking to protect your investment, don’t entrust it to just anyone. Get in touch with us and we will take care of your boat. We provide superior service and our expertise will put your mind at ease.

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