4 Step Fiberglass Boat Repair

When you own a fiberglass boat that needs repairs, it can be stressful. Structural damage can be dangerous and can take longer to repair. Impacts, abrasions, and gouges are all considered structural damage and need to be repaired before your boat can be taken out again.

On the other hand, superficial damage is much easier to fix, and the process can be simple. There are many causes for boat damage such as shipping (although rare), submerged or floating objects, docks, buoys, and improper storage.

You could repair the damage yourself if it’s superficial, but it’s best to have the damage fixed by a professional. This will ensure that your boat is properly and safely repaired, which can help prevent further problems. There are multiple steps involved with fiberglass boat repairs.

Step One: The damage is inspected and measured.

The first step determines what kind of damage has been done, i.e. tears, holes, impact, or delamination. The damage is then measured to see how far the damage extends. This helps determine how much needs to be cut away from the hull and how many materials will be needed for the repair.

Step Two: Removal of the damaged materials and preparing the surface.

During the second step, the damage is removed using a saw-blade. A router helps remove damage without spreading the damage. The area is then ground or sanded down to prepare the surface for the repair.

Step Three: Laminate the repair patch.

The third step involves preparing the repair materials. The materials are cut to fit the damaged surface and are then aligned. Fiberglass resin is then applied to the materials to strengthen them.

Step Four: Finally, inspecting the repair.

An inspection is then performed on the repair materials, ensuring that they are cured and ready for the repair process.

Depending on the type of damage, fiberglass boat hull repairs can be simple, but the job should be left to the experts. Again, they can determine the severity of the damage and can make sure that it is properly repaired. JDOC Marine has over twenty years of experience with boat repairs, so you can be sure that your boat is in good hands. They will assess the damage and repair it without using a patch kit so that the boat hull remains seamless. JDOC Marine not only repairs boat damage, but they also refurbish older fiberglass and replace discolored surfaces.

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